Various Genres:
Vivid and seamless flashes coming from a nearly endless void of material. 
An introductonary video for middle school students who were partaking in our installation at Amos Rex art gallery.
(Director, cinematographer, editor)
A cooking show that makes one feel both delightful and uneasy. English subtitles included!
(Director, cinematographer, editor) 
A commerial promoting our 2019 Ratto-festival.
(Director, producer, editor)
This is a pilot episode for a mocumentary series made by semi-professional sledders. English subtitles included!
(Director, cinematographer, editor)
The show is a success, the crew-members enjoy the fame but Vieteri lives in Riski's garage, not being able to work after suffering an injury.
A follow up video, and a pilot scene for a mocumentary film. English subtitles included!
(Director, writer, editor)
Short Movies:
Dark, short, untitled.
(Director, cinematographer, editor)

An independent student film production, slowly shedding light on the mystery of the night before.
(Co-director, producer, editor)
Dark, short, untitled 2.
(Director, cinematographer, editor)
A trailer for a movie about a coca-cola smuggler in the Finnsih countryside. The materials were lost and the movie was never finished.
(Director, cinematographer, editor)
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